Thursday, January 19, 2017


(ISW)  ISF is nearing the end of operations in eastern Mosul after a major push from January 10 to 18 to recapture several remaining neighbourhoods and the University of Mosul. The Counter Terrorism Service (CTS), ISF’s elite urban warfare units, advanced in which to clear the University of Mosul and to extend ISF’s control of the Tigris River. CTS officially announced control over the university on January 15, after storming it two days prior, and continued to advance north along the river bank, seizing two additional bridges and key government buildings on January 13. 

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Army (IA) and Federal Police are consolidating gains in northern and south-eastern Iraq. The Iraqi Army is advancing west along Mosul’s northern city limit towards the remaining ISIS-held areas in eastern Mosul. Federal Police and Iraqi Army units announced on January 14 full control of south-eastern Mosul with the recapture of Yarmjah and the south-eastern countryside with the recapture of Qiz Fakhri, the last ISIS-held village on the eastern bank. The Federal Police announced the same day the completion of its mission in south-eastern Mosul and that its units will return to the southern axis in order to resume efforts to break into the Mosul airport and southern military base. This effort will likely occur in synchronization as the ISF cross the Tigris River into western Mosul, though no time-line has yet been given.

Recent reinforcements and increased Coalition advisor's enabled these quick advances, though it is also likely that ISIS did not resist the ISF to the same extent as in the early stages of the city battle. The destruction of the five bridges spanning the Tigris River by Coalition air-strikes has likely limited ISIS’s mobility between east and west Mosul, hurting its ability to reinforce and resupply its fighters in the east. Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis stated on January 9 that ISIS has resorted to makeshift means, including planks and cranes, to move people and equipment into eastern Mosul. The ISF is therefore facing an enemy incapable of regenerating its ranks as it takes losses. ISIS may have already withdrawn the majority of its fighters from eastern Mosul, as well, in order to limit its casualties in the face of growing ISF momentum.

Gambia: Why there may be war in the country

(Banjul) On the 1st December 2016 Gambia held an election.

President Yahya Jammeh who took power in a military coup in 1994 and who has since won 4 elections, lost and initially he said he would step down. However just 9 days after losing the election, he made a televised speech where he stated:

"I announce to you, Gambians, my total rejection of the election results and thereby annulling the elections in its entirety," "We will go back to the polls because I want to make sure that every Gambian has voted under an independent electoral commission that is independent, neutral and free from foreign influence."

Well once upon a time African leaders  got away with being dictators for life. All they did was blame the white man, colonialism  and sat back to reap the billions in foreign aid which Western countries handed over in which to silence anybody who played the race card.

Well, it appears that those days may be coming to an end, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has said to Jammeh, that he has to step down and in order to make him comply they have massed troops from Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana and others on the border and set a deadline for  18/2359/01/2017.  Thankfully  Gambia’s army chief has said he would not order his men to fight other African troops if they enter Gambian territory, So it seems that this whole debarkle may be settled peacefully, but only time will tell if Jammeh will go without bloodshed.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

London: Black Traffic warden goes on rampage against orthodox Jews.

(Hackney) Film coverage has emerged of a Traffic warden attacking Orthodox Jews in the Hackney region of London. Apparently the warden  got into an argument and then when he tried to leave the area he drove into a Jewish man on his scooter who is standing in his way. On foot he is soon surrounded by Orthodox Jews, here he utters that he would be back with his boys to sort the jews out, before attacking the men with his crash Helmet. He is soon brought down by the crowd and the Police were called, here they arrested a 30 year old man on charges of assault.

Swedish News 19/01/2017

(Gothenburg) One of Sweden’s largest shopping centres The Nordstan mall in Gothenburg has become a huge no go area for shoppers due to the rise in criminal activity. Shoppers and shop keepers have been violently robbed. With even the Police been intimidated by gangs numbering up to 150. Drug dealing is common and when the young thugs are caught and arrested they are simply handed over to social services. I’ll let you guess just who these people are.

(Malmo)  The nationalistic Swedish democrats (The third largest political party in the country) have demanded that Swedish troops be deployed onto the streets of Malmo to help the Police deal with the rise in violence in the city (which they claim is down to immigration) which they claim has led to the city becoming a No-Go zone.

(Sweden) 8 cars were set on fire Wednesday night in the city of Gothenburg whilst in the city of Malmo 3 cars were set alight.

Europe:EU security laws targeting Muslims

(Amnesty International) a new report out today states that security laws enacted after numerous terrorist attacks across Europe in 2016 have unfairly targeted Muslims and Asylum seekers. They

Individual EU states and regional bodies have responded to the attacks by proposing, adopting and implementing wave after wave of counter-terrorism measures that have eroded the rule of law, enhanced executive powers, peeled away judicial controls, restricted freedom of expression and exposed everyone to government surveillance.
Of course as this is AI, they target the UK as the most repressive country going

I lost all respect for this bunch of ethical latte drinkers when they employed a terrorist  as one of their ambassadors of torture , and men in extra-judicial detention . when the head of their gender department questioned AI about their association with somebody with very strong links the Taliban they sacked her.  So it comes as no surprise at how AI has rushed to the defence of the followers of an Intolerant cult  which makes no attempt whatsoever in hiding the fact they hate us all. Think I’m kidding.  Ask yourself how many Islamic females do you know have been allowed to marry outside their faith and what happens to Islamic females who fall in love with a Non-Muslim.

Turkey: Gunman behind Reina nightclub attack captured

(Istanbul)  The blood thirsty jihadist behind the Reina night club attack which saw 39 people murdered on New Years day was captured yesterday by Turkish police.

Identified as Abdulkadir Masharipov  it has been revealed that he is an Uzbek national , well educated, speaks four languages and operated under the alias Ebu Muhammed Horasani.  He was trained in Afghanistan, and entered Turkey in January 2016.

He was captured (After accidently falling down a large number of steps) after 7200 hours of Police work was put in in which to find this bloody thirsty thug. Now that he has been nicked, Police are going to concentrate on his accomplices – who are other members of his cell, who gave him instructions and picked the target, who provided him with weapons, and are they are planning other attacks in the country. Which is probably why his wife has also been arrested after it was revealed she joined him in a safe house after the shooting.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ukraine: Maybe buying that cheap automatic Mortar off of Moscow wasn't such a good Idea.

(Ukraine) It appears that the Ukrainian rebels will buy anything off of the Russians.

Nigeria: Airforce bombs refugee camp in error: 50 killed.

(Rann) This morning in the Nigerian state of Borno, a Nigerian Airforce jet made the huge error of carrying out an air-strike on a refugee camp instead of a Boko Haram terrorism camp. Initial reports  are quoting that 50 people have been killed and 120 injured.

US: Obama commutes US traitors jail sentence.

(Washington)  US President Barack Obama commutes Bradley Manning's sentence for leaking documents to Wikileaks. The 29-year-old  US Army private, traitor born Bradley Manning, but who now wishes to  a woman will be freed on 17 May instead of his scheduled 2045 release.

Before                                                                                                      after

Manning was sentenced to 35 years in 2013 for his  part in the biggest leak of US  diplomatic cables to the anti-secrecy group to date and all he's done since he's been banged up is opine what a bloody victim he is. Err no you dum twat, because of your release of state secrets, you caused the Arab spring , Hundreds of thousands of people have died because of you.

Says it all about the worse president the US have ever had.All the leftwing arseholes in the US will be jerking themselves off tonight 
Yup I was right: Traitors lives matter.

UK: The Idiots who run the Church of England are a bloody embarrassment.

(London)  In the Uk the Church of England is the official religion. However for a lot of people they only enter a church/Chapel when somebody is born,somebody gets married or when somebody dies. Now I'm CoE and whilst not overtly religious, I have no problem with remembrance Sundays, singing carols at Christmas or even going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve (where I come from, the pubs empty and everybody  pops down to Staincliffe church before heading off to a party)

Yet the official UK church is facing a problem of falling numbers of worshippers and whilst the British have never really been that religious , that fall can only have been accelerated by the Church hierarchy who appear to have lost the bloody plot.

So just what am I on about? Just these past few days we have had one of the  Scottish versions of the Church of England allow a Muslim to take the pulpit and proclaim that Jesus is not the son of god. Instead of questioning this woman why she went off script, the Church have related that what she had to say was a wonderful thing and the real bigots are those Christians who have complained about this Muslim woman. Can you imagine the outcry if a Priest condemned the bloody thirsty nature of Mohammed? 

Now the Church of England is demanding that its followers repent for the reformation which caused the birth of the protestant Church which came about due to the open corruption in the Catholic church. In otherwords its own birth.

The above transpired these past few days they are plenty more idiotic statements from the so called shepherds of the Christian faith who are meant to look out after their flock. Nowadays it appears they are too busy selling off their flock on the black market in which to make a quick buck.

And then they wonder why people are turning away from the Church.

US: Stupid thuggish Police arrest black man for stealing his own car.

(Evanston) You know what, I have no time for Black Lives Matters, I have no time for Al Sharpton or any of the other racial pressure groups which exist. But at the end of the day they exist because of a belief that life is somewhat unfair to blacks. Now the reason I can say this, is as a child of around 14 I was beaten up by a racist British Policeman for the crime of walking home. Unfortunately for him, he was spotted doing so and faster than a Muslim terrorist can utter 'Allah ackba' this wanker was in his Police van doing 90 down the road in which to escape justice, Due to that beating I was made to take up Ju-Jitsu and only 2 years later I was representing the UK, nobody has ever laid a finger on me again.

Last week the city of Evanston police were forced to release a video of an arrest they made of Lawrence Crosby a Black man in Oct 2015 who was suspected of stealing a car. (a woman had seen him working on his car and presumed he was stealing it) After he was taken down by 6 white policemen, and then when it came out in the wash the car was actually his, the keystone cops arrested and charged him for  ....disobeying officers and resisting police. Unfortunately for the thuggish police, their own vehicle recording systems  told a different story and the victim (which he was) was released. However the Police won't apologise, that the use of force by police was justified with the officers involved in the incident not being reprimanded,. 

Due to their stubbornness, and their inability to apologise. The City of Evanston is now facing a lawsuit, which they are going to lose big time. But worst of all, a large number of Black youths are going to see this video and the resulting police whitewash and say, there is no point in going quietly. More people are going to die , of which some will be policemen and women, simply because black people will feel there is no point in respecting the law.