Friday, October 28, 2016

UK: Xenophobic prick attacks Spanish man for speaking .....Spanish.

(UK) There are some f-ing idiots out there and in the UK we have more than our fair share. However what I simply cannot understand is why the courts don't do more in which to send the message to these idiots, that violent behaviour will not be tolerated.

Take for example 37 year old Daniel Way of Poole Dorset. In May of this year, he took exception to how 27 year old Spaniard Thomas Gil was speaking to his Spanish Girl friend. This offended him so much he walked past them ripped a panel off a fence and whacked Thomas in the face with it whilst screaming:
 "Speak Fu*king English"
Thankfully the people who rushed to Mr Gils aid didn't subscribe to Mr Ways bigotry and held him down until the old bill arrived.  As usual the courts listened to Ways excuses of being a victim: 
  • He had just finished with his girlfriend
  • This led him to drink
  • He had recently being diagnosed with ADHD
  • Is remorseful 
Because of all of the above petty excuses Way received a 12 month (suspended for 15 months) prison sentence.(In otherwords free to walk the streets for 15 months and then he gets a clean slate) a fine of £800 and 25 days of rehabilitation work. How about we make him pay for a 12 months prison stay in a Spanish prison in which to show him the error of his ways, Put it this way he'll soon learn how to understand the following in Spanish and will never feel the need to demand others speak..."English"
"Pick up the soap, big boy"


(ISW) ISIS launched a major counter-attack in Kirkuk Province in response to advances by Iraqi and Kurdish security forces towards Mosul. On the morning of October 21, ISIS attackers struck central and southern Kirkuk City and an under-construction power station in Dibis District, northwest of Kirkuk. The three attackers in Dibis stormed the power station and killed or executed 16 workers, including four Iranians, before Kurdish security forces arrived and clashed with the attackers. One attacker was killed while the other two detonated Suicide Vests (SVESTs), wounding several Kurdish security forces. Another report claimed that 12 people were killed and 34 were wounded in the Dibis attack.

As many as 40 ISIS attackers supported by sleeper cells targeted multiple government facilities and landmarks in central and southern Kirkuk City, marking the first time that ISIS launched a major attack in the city since January 2015. These targets included:

1. Police stations in Dumiz and al-Adala, and possibly in Wahid Haziran and Tisaeen areas, all demographically-mixed with significant Arab populations in southern Kirkuk City. The attackers detonated at least one SVEST.

2. The Kirkuk police directorate, where ISIS attackers attempted to enter the building before being repelled. The attackers detonated either a SVEST or a Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) during the attack.

3. A Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) party headquarters and the central government building.

4. A prison in Kirkuk, where some attackers may have attempted to break prisoners out.

Several ISIS attackers also stormed an “education building” in central Kirkuk, forcing Kurdish security forces to call in a Coalition airstrike to target the ISIS fighters holed up in the building. Unconfirmed reports indicate, however, the a Coalition airstrike may have targeted a Shi’a Husseiniyah (place of worship) in Daquq District, just south of Kirkuk, killing and wounding as many as 47 people and Peshmerga. ISW could not verify the report at the time of publication.

ISIS’s attacks in Kirkuk province and elsewhere outside of Mosul are a classic zone defense from ISIS’s 2015 playbook, in which ISIS attacked separate locations while facing a counter-attack it could deflect. The attack on Kirkuk City is a demonstration that ISIS still maintains lethal attack capabilities there, and furthermore that it can still mount a sophisticated defense. ISIS’s strike into Kirkuk was likely calculated to force the PUK to withdraw its Peshmerga forces away from operations in the vicinity of Mosul towards Kirkuk to arrest the progress of anti-ISIS operations east of Mosul. ISIS also launched other attacks to force security forces to consider withdrawing from Mosul to secure other parts of Iraq.


(ISW) The nice people at the institute for the study of war, have knocked out a map which illuminates the situation around the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Syria:Rebels launch offensive to break Aleppo siege.

(Aleppo) Syrian rebels have launched their long expected offensive aimed at breaking the government siege of rebel-held east Aleppo. They kicked started their all-out attack on Aleppo as Russian, Iranian, Syrian FM are meeting in Moscow by softening up the opposition with the use of multiple rocket launches and vehicle borne Improvised explosives.

Ahrar's military spokesperson Abo Yusuf al-Muhajir reiterates that the offensive is aimed at breaking Aleppo's siege again
Directions of attack (Red = Government. Green= Rebels)

Rebel rocket launcher

An armoured VIED on route to make a very big bang.

Interlude: Lightning Seeds - Pure

Thursday, October 27, 2016

China's territorial disputes explained

Short version:

A much more informative (But a little dated) version:

UK: Left wing lovie blames the Home Office for DELIBERATELY allowed 'propaganda' pictures of older-looking refugees to turn public against them

(London) I don't know what it is about people with a political left agenda and their stupid mind set. Take former pop star 'Lilly Allen'. The other week she cased an outrage in the Uk after the bBC filmed her apologising to a failed asylum seeker in France for what the UK had done to his country. It later transpired that this man child was trying to get to the UK in which to meet up with his father who left him and his family 14 years ago after the US kicked the Taliban out. Yes his old man is a Taiban terrorist who having won the right to asylum in the Uk due to the fears for his life from the people he oppressed, who funny enough goes back to Afghanistan on holidays , yet still cannot manage to find his family.

Faux tears
Anyway this stupid twat has now gone public on those pictures of so called Child migrants  who were allowed to enter the UK last week. (You know those children who all looked over 25) According to Allen, this was a propaganda scoop by the British government worthy of the Nazis in which to turn public opinion again these so called children.

I wonder if Allen would be happy for these so called children to be sat next to either of her two daughters at school. 

Of course she would. 

Austria: Child rapist has his sentence overturned.

(Wien) An Iraqi immigrant who was jailed for raping a 10 year oldboy in a swimming pool. Claiming it was an sexual emergency (He hadn’t had sex for 4 months)  has seen his sentence overturned  after an  appeal court accepted the defence lawyer’s claim that the court had not done enough to ascertain whether or not the rapist had realised the schoolboy was saying no.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Condell: Europe's Last Chance

2 Michigan brothers who converted from Christianity to Islam were arrested in Tunisia as members of a terrorist organization

TUNIS, Tunisia (NBC) — Two American brothers have been arrested in Tunisia on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization, two local sources told NBC News.

A senior police official said the brothers were both aged in their 30s and originally from Michigan. A source in the governor's office also confirmed the arrests.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the police source said one of the men was carrying a U.S. passport that identified him as Patrick Alan Lawwill. NBC News has seen a photocopy of the passport, which was apparently issued in July 2015 and lists Lawwill's place of birth as Michigan.

Police were not able to provide a copy of the second suspect's documents.

A State Department official said it was aware of reports the pair had been arrested "on suspicion of terrorist activities" but declined to comment further because of "privacy considerations."

The brothers were arrested in the northwestern city of Jendouba on Tuesday, according to the local police source.

The pair had recently converted from Christianity to Islam and one of them was married to a Tunisian woman who was also arrested, the source said.

The brothers, who both wore beards and traditional clothing, were reported to authorities by locals who said they were "behaving suspiciously," the source added.

Another official in the local governor's office, also speaking anonymously, told NBC News that the pair came to study in the University of Jendouba two weeks ago.

Officials who raided the encampment where they were staying found material relating to hardline Islamic law and jihad, according to the governor's office source.

They did not find any plans to make explosives, that source added.