Wednesday, December 7, 2016

EU: Here's a good reason why the UK voted out.

(Dublin) A couple of asylum seeker families from Syria currently in Greece (safe country) have sued the EU via a court in Ireland in which to to let them not be sent back to Turkey (Another safe country) but instead resettle them in Germany. They claim that the agreement between the EU and Turkey to return failed asylum seekers is illegal according to EU law and that they have right to abode in Germany as they already have family members there.

Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

UK: Liberal hypocrite can't handle the truth

(London) For years the British people have asked for the right to vote on staying within the EU. For years MPs have refused them that right, saying that the people could not be trusted with a vote on the EU. Then David Cameron was voted in as PM in 2010 and he promised that if elected, he would give the British people that vote. However, it took 6 years and a second term for him to live up to that promise. So on the 23rd of June 2016 the British people voted after, I should add, the EU ensured that millions was spent on advertising that staying in the EU was the only option on the table. Project Fear was the name of the game, war with Russia, economic meltdown, why even President Obama stuck his nose in. And - shock and horror - the British people paid no heat and voted out.

The political elites couldn't believe it. Since then they have moaned, cried and bitched at how they lost the vote. They have accused the British people of being racists, of being little Englanders, that the people didn't know what they were voting for, and so the vote doesn't count, and that we should vote again in which to get the result that they (the minority) want.

The other week, the British Government voted to increase the size of Heathrow airport, and Zac Goldsmith, the MP for Richmond, resigned in which to express his anger at the Government. Well, they had a by-election in which to pick a new MP, Sarah Olney, a Liberal won. Hooray for the upper class toffs of Richmond, a leafy area of London. Now the Liberals are at the front of the queue in demanding another vote on the EU. In fact, Olney campaigned on that angle, and the other day she made the mistake of agreeing to be interviewed on talk radio. Big mistake. So much, she walked away due to her inability to accept the fact that she as a so called liberal is nothing more than a f-ing hypocrite. So much for democracy then. The irony being that these so called champions of one man one vote, of equality for all, when it comes to the crunch, don't subscribe to the very tenets of their political ideology. In other words, do as I say and not as I do. Which is exactly what happened in Ireland and Denmark when they voted against the EU and were made to vote again in which to get the answer the liberals demanded.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Russian Su-33 crashed in the Mediterranean while attempting to land on Kuznetsov aircraft carrier

Second crash in less than 3 weeks.
(The Aviationist) Less than three weeks after losing a MiG-29, it looks like the Russian Navy has lost another aircraft during Admiral Kuznetsov operations: a Su-33 Flanker.

Military sources close to The Aviationist report that a Russian Navy Su-33 Flanker carrier-based multirole aircraft has crashed during flight operations from Admiral Kuznetsov on Saturday, Dec. 3.

According to the report, the combat plane crashed at its second attempt to land on the aircraft carrier in good weather conditions (visibility +10 kilometers, Sea State 4, wind at 12 knots): it seems that it missed the wires and failed to go around* falling short of the bow of the warship.

The pilot successfully ejected and was picked up by a Russian Navy search and rescue helicopter.

Considered that on Nov. 14 a MiG-29K crashed while recovering to the aircraft carrier, if confirmed this would be the second loss for the air wing embarked on Admiral Kuznetsov in less than three weeks and a significant blow for the Russian Naval Aviation during its combat deployment off Syria.

*Update: the Russian MoD has confirmed the incident. According to an official release the arresting wire snapped and failed to stop the aircraft.

Video: Russian S-300 Epic Fail

The Russian S-300 is promoted as one of the worlds best surface-to-air missile systems. With a range of over 121 miles, many countries have bought into the system in which to defend their airspace.

 Israel, noting the deployment of the S-300 across the region, has decided to go full stealth by purchasing the F-35 in which to mitigate the effectiveness of the S-300.

Well, it seems that the S-300 does have its off days, as this video taken the other day in Russia shows.